Stephen Hawking Appeared Via Hologram At Sydney Opera House Last Night

Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking spent an evening with a sold out Sydney Opera House audience last night, hosting a lecture on his life and his groundbreaking work via a hologram – because apparently Stephen Hawking wasn’t badass enough already.

Black holes aren’t so black after all! Stephen Hawking! Holograms! Science! Cannot and/or will not be dealt with.

An Evening With Stephen HawkingPhoto credit: Prudence Upton

Posted by Sydney Opera House on Saturday, 25 April 2015

Beaming live from Hawking’s office at Cambridge university, the use of hologram technology by Hawking was a world first, allowing for an extensive presentation without the added difficulty of travel. Hawking’s daughter Lucy was [physically] present at the Opera House on Saturday night, discussing Hawking’s work alongside her father.

A spokesperson for Cisco, the company who brought Hawking to Sydney via the witchcraft technology of a hologram, reportedly claimed that the representation of Hawking on stage was no less than a spitting image:

“For all intents and purposes, people would see Stephen as if he was physically on stage…Regardless of where you’re sitting and what angle, you would really believe he was on stage.”

Last night’s talk was one of two that Stephen Hawking will deliver via a hologram at the Sydney Opera House, this weekend, with tonight’s show already sold out. 

One of many takeaways from Hawking’s event was this gem. All class, one hundred per cent legend. 

Lead image via SOH facebook.