Statement Pieces That’ll Revamp Yr Home Into A Space You’re Legit Proud Of

PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with eBay to hook y’all up with killer statement pieces for your crib. 

Having a lush crib is, by far, one of the dominant telltale markers of successful adulting. Nothing says “I’ve got my crap together” like a humble-aboner-causing home – a space in which you’re chuffed to invite friends and family into (on the proviso that they’re especially careful with the glass of red wine they’re drinking).

Creating an awe-inspiring environment, however, isn’t the easiest thing to do. Given our nation’s economic climate, there’s a solid chance you’ve found yourself living in a less than decadent dwelling. Sure, this places you in a situation with obvious restrictions, but you’re not entirely screwed. Even the foulest-carpeted, dankest-smelling, mould-susceptible apartments can be revamped in a way to make ’em pop.
The secret? ~Statement pieces~.
We’ve compiled a mixed list of timeless / current trends (and their respective subset of pieces) that’ll transform even the most ‘bleh’ joint into something memorable. FYI: while we’re devastated to see them go, copper, marble, and subway tiles are on their way out. #SozNotSoz.
Photo: Linen House / eBay.
Mix up your constant routine of white sheets / grey sheets and invest in a set of fantastically bright bedlinen. Nothing too crazy – we’re not talking some explosive pattern of red and green or anything. But pastel hues, mustard, deep, ruby red and emerald green are all hot shades rn, and will instantly turn your bed from just the spot you sleep to a focal point of your room. Accessorise with some blonde wood side tables and a warehouse-chic lamp and you’re in business.
Nothing (and we mean NOTHING) makes more of a damn-fine statement than an upholstered bed head. Our opinion? The bigger the better. Oh, and while your bedroom mightn’t be the focal point of your house (if it is, good on ya), you’ll be itching to show off your new space to whomever drops past because it really is an affirmation of adulting.
Photo: Zanui / eBay.
One of the best, tried-and-tested ways to give a room a vibe of synchronisation is to have a few items defined by their reoccurring patterns. However, if you really want to look like you’re crushing existence, then hone in on monochrome geometrics. Black and white wares are a solid base to gradually introduce new colours (like the aforementioned emerald green) and will be a mainstay as trends change.
Photo: Pillow Talk / eBay.
Photo: Zanui / eBay.
Photo: hardtofind / eBay.
Fun fact to drop at your next dinner party: vinyl records and their subsequent players are having their biggest year in sales since the 80s. Yep, we’re all cray for analogue wares
Photo: hardtofind / eBay.
Feeling inspired? Well, you can get your hands on the items featured in this article on eBay right below. With their huge range of sellers stocking wares that are new, unique and everything in between, you’re gonna find something you’re deadset into.

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