Here’s Your State-By-State Guide To Every COVID Restriction In Place This Christmas

Scott Morrison NSW COVID-19 Restrictions State Australia Guide

Well deck my halls with boughs of holly, can you believe it’s already Christmas time? With NSW experiencing a not-so-pleasant outbreak just before the holiday season, there have been some changes to the rules dictating what we can and cannot do with our end-of-year gatherings.

Before you plan a massive Christmas extravaganza, Avalon hard look at yourself and think again. Every state in Australia currently has different rules in place for the festive period, so we’ve gathered all of them into one handy article.

And remember folks, although we all want to celebrate with our loved ones at the end of this absolutely cursed year, we still need to be safe and follow all the rules in place so that our 2021 is actually enjoyable. Also, my bf is stuck in the ACT and I would very much like to hug him thank you.

NSW – Northern Beaches

Folks from the northern beaches, it will come as no surprise that you lot are going nowhere. If you’re in the ‘northern zone’ of the northern beaches (defined as north of the Narrabeen Bridge and east of Baha’i Temple), then you absolutely cannot leave the area.

From Dec 24-26, you’ll be allowed a maximum of five visitors, who must all be from the northern zone as well. As soon as December 27 rolls around, there is a strict ban on any visitors whatsoever.

“If you‘re a resident of the northern part of the northern beaches, if you live north of the Narrabeen Bridge and east of the Baha’i Temple at Mona Vale Rd, you cannot leave your area. You are still in lockdown,” said Gladys Berejiklian in a recent press conference.

“You can‘t accept anybody outside your community, and I apologise for that, but we have to maintain a lockdown in that area.”

Meanwhile, if you’re in the southern zone of the northern beaches, rules are slightly different.

You won’t be able to leave the area, but from Dec 24-26 you will be allowed up to 10 visitors, not including children under 12. Once Boxing Day rolls around, a new decision is to be made on the future restrictions for this area.

NSW – Greater Sydney Region

From Dec 24-26, there will be a maximum of 10 visitors for your indoor gatherings folks, not including children under 12 years of age.

Once Dec 27 comes around, this rule will adjust to maximum 10 visitors including children under 12, which is one to look out for.

Regional NSW

A fun Christmas shindig awaits with a maximum of 50 people including children for all gatherings.


Queenslanders, you lot are allowed up to 50 visitors in the home, which will make for a lovely end of the year.

There’s a strict 100 person cap for outdoor gatherings, and all pubs and restaurants will be enforcing a one person every 2sqm rule, so keep your distance.


Only slightly different to the Queensland rules, Victoria is only allowed a maximum of 30 visitors in the home.

There’s a 100 person cap on outdoor gatherings as well, but pubs and restaurants operate differently.

Because Victorians deserve to get on the beers, there is no max number of people for pubs and restaurants, but patrons are required to stand with 2sqm apart if there are more than 25 people inside the venue. There probably will be more than 25 people this holiday period, so get in early or don’t get in at all.


South Australians, you legends may enjoy up to 50 visitors in your homes this Christmas.

Pubs and restaurants require a strict one person every 2sqm, but standing while eating and drinking (or performing some good ole vertical consumption) is allowed both indoors and outside.

Outdoor gatherings have no limit, but require one person to every 2sqm, which basically means outdoor meets are limited to space available.


No fixed limit on visitors outside or inside, so go absolutely wild this holiday season.

There is however a one person every 2sqm rule for all gatherings, so keep your space and party hard.


There’s a 100 person cap on home visits my friends, and we all know that Tassy parties go off, so have the most ridiculous (COVID-safe) time.

Indoor gatherings like pubs and restaurants are restricted to 250, and outdoor gatherings have a simply massive limit of 1000 people, with of course, the 2sqm rule in place.


Now onto the territories. ACT has no limit on the number of guests in a home, which is great news for those end-of-year house parties. Meanwhile, public gatherings are limited to 500 people. All previously mentioned rules must stick to the 2sqm rule as well.

The rules from here get a little more specific than the other states and territories, but what else would you expect from the Canberrans.

In pubs and restaurants with over 25 people, patrons must stick to the 2sqm rule, but only if they use the Check-In CBR app. If they do not, then a strict one-person-per-4sqm rule is in place for indoor gatherings.


Gatherings of over 100 are allowed for the North Territorians, as long as the gathering passes a strict COVID-19 safety checklist.

All gatherings must stick to a 1.5m distance apart rule, which basically means it’s time to party hard and party safe!