Why can’t people just leave Shannon Noll the hell alone? 

The guy seems like a fun kind of a doofus, and, as far as I know, hasn’t done anything more than make some terrible and/or legendary songs, depending on who you ask, and maybe creeped out James Mathison that one time.

I have no idea what is going on here and absolutely refuse to find out.

But whether it’s putting out “missing” posters for Nollsies‘ soul path or roasting him a world away at Eurovision, Aussies love kicking a good Australian Idol runner-up when he’s down.

Now, in one of our country’s most bonkers sledges of the guy yet, some internet goofballs are targeting the poor guy where it hurts: his Facebook comments section.

This hurtful crusade seemingly begun in early 2016, when Nollsie just wanted to show off his crack at a new dish. 

While we should have just enjoyed one man’s innocent attempt at fish tacos, one of you monsters just had to make a sex joke now, didn’t you:

And sure, making sex jokes online is all well and good (note: it is almost never good), and we, the people, could have just left it at that.

But because the web is a wild, hungry beast, commenters soon levelled up from “bad sex joke” to “pretending that Nollsie had borrowed something stupid and they have waited long enough for it thank you very much.” 

Which has included some legitimately amazing nicked objects, with “Michael Buble Christmas CD” easily the best so far.

The disease has now spread to almost every one of the poor man’s photos. 

Seriously, check out Nollsie’s Facebook page, and try to appreciate his nice, normal photos of money without seeing something like this in the comments.

Somehow, despite all the cyberbullying, Nollsie has kept the photos coming. 

After all, who else is going to post photos of gigantic, Two-Face-esque coins? Guy Sebastian? 

Not on your life, dear reader. This is Nollsie’s world now.

Source: Gizmodo.

Photo: Facebook.