Here’s The Rating System A Sydney School Gave Young Boys To Create Their Ideal Christian Wife

st. luke's grammar school virginity points ranking system

Young boys in Year 10 were asked to rank the qualities of women using a points rating system, while female students were taught about how Satan would stray them from keeping their virginity until marriage at a private school on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

In an exclusive report by the Sydney Morning Herald, it was reported that St. Luke’s Grammar School, a co-ed school in Dee Why, split up girls and boys in Year 10 as part of a Christian Studies class. However, the lessons that both groups received were completely different.

The girls, in a separate room, were handed out articles that stressed the importance of remaining a virgin until marriage, even going as far as saying that Satan was responsible for all opportunities for sex before marriage in their future.

Meanwhile, the boys were reportedly given 25 points each and were tasked with using them to spend on qualities to create the perfect woman that they would want to marry. Traits like virginity and being a ‘good’ Christian were worth more points, while traits like being generous and caring for the planet were worth next to nothing.

According to the SMH, some boys jokingly called the task “build a bitch”.

“All the girls were disgusted and really offended,” one student told the SMH.

“They think joking about it was OK because their own teacher was telling them it was OK,” said another.

The story has even been reported by the New York Post, which goes to show how unbelievable it all is.

As reported by the SMH, here is exactly how the rating system worked for the boys. The task was reportedly made to teach boys about priorities (????). Needless to say, it’s fkn gross.

Six Points: Virgin, Trustworthy, Kind, Christian, Attractive, Intelligent, Popular, Loyal.

Five Points: Easy to Talk to, Sense of Humour, Physically Fit.

Four Points: Sporty/Sexy, Goes to Church, Doesn’t Lie, Friendly.

Three Points: Good Pedigree, Well-Dressed, Ambitious, Owns A Car

Two Points: Right Height, Stands Up for Their Rights, Socially Competent, Brave

One Point: Ideal Eye Colour, Has Money, Generous, Adventurous, Cares For the World.

Headmaster Geoff Lancaster has since sent out a letter of apology to the parents of the Year 10 students who participated in the task.

He has also openly called the task inappropriate, has openly announced his plans to remodel the lesson structure, and has admitted that the Christian Studies teacher who taught the lesson has “voluntarily stood down” in a statement to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The apology letter reportedly read:

“He is very sorry for the offence he has caused and saddened to think that the way this discussion was framed has upset our students.”

“This term the students have been looking at the complex issues of consent and toxic masculinity and contrasting the negative images portrayed in society with god’s plan for strong, healthy relationships where people respect each other as equals.

“St Luke’s always has been, and always will be, a school that respects, values and honours all students.”

According to the SMH, Lancaster will be seeking an “external consultant” to restructure the class.