Elite Private School Apologises After Students Yell Fucked Sexist Chant On Melbourne Tram

St Kevin's

A prestigious private school in Melbourne has apologised to the public after its students were filmed yelling a downright disgusting chant on a tram last Saturday morning.

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Dressed in their full school uniforms, a slew of St Kevin’s College students were believed to be on their way to a sports carnival when they were filmed by a female passenger.

Part of the chant described women as “holes in the road” and men as “dump trucks” who want to “fill them with my load”.

St Kevin’s College headmaster, Stephen F. Russell, apologised “unreservedly for the offence” on Monday afternoon and confirmed students have been disciplined.

“Students upset by the behaviour have already come to me and we have been following through in both a disciplinary and pastoral matter today,” Russell said in a statement, per the ABC.

“We have always and will continue to challenge such poor behaviour and misogynistic attitudes through programs at school and with the co-operation of parents.”

In a letter to former students, doing the rounds on social media, Russell said he was “upset, frustrated, and angry” by his students’ behaviour.

“As a husband, a father of daughters, a brother of four sisters, a son, and I hope, a good friend and decent colleague to many women, I know this behaviour cannot go unchallenged.”

Russell confirmed the school is investigating the offensive and misogynistic behaviour to understand the extent of it and the students involved.