St Jermone’s To Be “Resurrected” As A New Bar

Melbourne’s “laneway bar” institution St Jerome’s closed in 2009 after five years of business and having spawned the inaugural Laneway Festival which now travels through seven cities and three countries each year. Despite consistent murmurs that the reopening of St Jerome’s was imminent, today co-founder Danny Rogers has laid rumours to rest once and for all by confirming that the beloved ginmill is gone for good. The silver lining is that the St Jerome’s team is opening a new venue, fittingly named The Resurrection.

When Danny spoke to Pedestrian in February he had vaguely alluded to The Resurrection saying, “I’m opening a bar in Melbourne with Jerome [Borazio] so St. Jerome’s will reopen later in the year. It’s not going to be the same but it’ll be somewhat similar.”

In today’s statement about the new venue he said “The Resurrection pays homage to St Jerome’s but importantly, it’s also part of the Resurrection of us, our friendship and a continuation of the journey that we’ve been on…It won’t be dull and it definitely won’t overly thought (or decked) out. The Resurrection is not trying to be St Jerome’s, but we promise it will carry the spirit of that little hotbed of madness.”

It opens in August.

The Resurrection
135 Lygon Street East Brunswick