Asia Argento Shares Detailed Spreadsheet Of 100+ Harvey Weinstein Accusers

Asia Argento Harvey Weinstein

Since the first New York Times exposé was published just over a month ago alleging decades of sexual misconduct by Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, scores of other women have come forward with their own disturbing stories. So many in fact, it had be hard to keep track of just how many women have shared their experiences.

Italian actress/director Asia Argento, herself a Weinstein accuser, decided to put them all into a handy, and deadset chilling, spreadsheet. That’s right, every single accusation publicly levelled at Weinstein has been detailed in the document, which Argento tweeted a link to.

The list includes the stories of over 118 women, with 18 of those victims claiming the producer raped them, dating back to 1980.

It includes details of the location and nature of each incident, and also includes a tab for ‘Cost’ – which in some cases, that is listed as ‘career’. Some cases also list ‘Others Involved’, and name some of Weinstein’s “enablers” who aided his sexual misconduct over the course of over 30 years.

Argento has been applauded by her followers for sharing the list and showing support for Weinstein’s many victims.

While one user made the most of Twitter’s new 280 character limit to sum it all up with this:

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.