Spotlight Have A Free Downloadable Sewing Pattern For DIY Cloth Face Masks


If you’re living in a Melbourne coronavirus hotspot, you’ve now been advised to wear a face mask when out in public. This is the first time in Australia we’ve been asked to wear masks, with the recent spike in coronavirus cases in Victoria being the reason the instruction has been made.

But, you might be a keen sewing gun – if so, you should totally make use of Spotlight’s new face mask sewing pattern.

The pattern, which is by McCall’s, is available on the Spotlight website, with all the materials you need (obviously) being sold in Spotlights around the country.

It’s pretty simple stuff, even if you’re a bit of a klutz with the sewing machine. You basically need some tightly woven cotton material and some elastic, with all the measurements clearly listed on the pattern.

Australia doesn’t have a recommended DIY mask page on a government site, however the Department of Health stresses that a face mask does not negate the necessity of other measures such as 1.5m social distancing, washing of hands, cough etiquette or staying home if unwell. Basically, it’s another preventative measure that should be happening on top of your other preventative measures.

Spotlight are also suggesting that if you’re a keen sewer, you can also help out others with your skills.

“We encourage you to make masks for yourself and your family, and we’re asking our interstate friends to lend a helping hand via our Crafts for A Cause Facebook group,” CEO Quentin Gracanin said in a media statement.

You can download the pattern for Spotlight’s face masks here.