Spooky-As-Hell ‘Missile Test’ Lights Up L.A, Definitely Not Aliens

The rational part of our brains understands that there are any number of logical explanations for the eerie blue lights that spread out over Los Angeles for a few hours today. Of course, the official explanation says the luminescence was the result of a U.S submarine test-firing an unarmed missile. Technically, the Feds even warned L.A ’bout it beforehand.

Still, ‘missile test fire’ barely ranks above ‘particularly fervent fireworks display’ in most people’s minds. What we saw today is more along the lines of ‘giant, glowing, totally real extra-terrestrial invasion’, and is certifiably INSANE.

I mean, come on

Some prominent locals reacted to the possible rapture the only way they knew: by tweeting about it. It’s good to know that calmer heads prevail in situations where the continual survival of our species is under question.

The lights were reported to have lasted a fair while after the initial launch, and could be seen from as far away as San Francisco. Even if the official reports are totally legit and, uh, we’re not being invaded, at least the state was treated to an impromptu light show. 

Now, we only have that new X-Files reboot to keep us going. 

Story via BBC.
Image via Twitter.