Pls Enjoy This Wild Story Of A Splendour Attendee’s Mum Using Her ‘Karen’ Powers For Good

TikToker Shares Wild Story Of Her Mum Using Her 'Karen' Powers For Good To Rescue Her From Splendour In The Grass

By now you’ve probably seen the absolute chaos that has been the travel in and out of Splendour In The Grass 2022. While some punters found their cars bogged down or their buses delayed, one attendee had to be saved by her mum — who used her Karen powers for good and chased up staff to rescue her daughter.

Hannah Patterson (@hannahpatto) vlogged her entire Splendour journey online as it was happening and it truly is wild.

Taking to TikTok, Hannah detailed how after spending two days in a flooded tent with constantly wet feet and nowhere to sleep, she had enough and tried to leave — except her car was blocked by a temporary fence.

After asking staff to move the fence, Hannah was informed that, actually, campers weren’t allowed to leave early — meaning she was trapped on festival grounds for better or for worse. Unsurprisingly she “lost it” and started sobbing while staff comforted her.


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♬ original sound – Hannah

“We tried for like five hours yesterday and last night to get out of here … they’re just not letting us leave,” she said.

“We paid to be here and it has been really horrible and we just want to leave but they’re not actually letting us go.”

She did mention that staff were absolutely lovely and just doing their job — but it still sucks to be wet and tired and homesick.


♬ original sound – Hannah

Policy is policy, I guess… Or is it?

For most people this would have been the end of the discussion (and the start of a mental break down), but Hannah’s mum “went a little bit Karen” and called festival staff to demand she be freed from their clutches.


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♬ original sound – Hannah

“My beautiful mumma went full psycho mumma bear and was calling people until 12 o’clock last night,” Hannah recounted ruefully.

“She was on the phone to anyone and everyone that she can trying to get us out of there.”

Given all the pestering, Splendour In The Grass officials eventually relented and moved the fence so Hannah could leave.

“In the morning we packed up the rest of our muddy stuff – I had to abandon the tent – and they got us out,” she said.

“All they needed was this wrench to open the gate when they were telling me they had to take down the whole fence.”

Moral of the story: there is nothing more unstoppable than an angry mum. Fear them and heed them, or else.