Here’s Your Weather Report For Yr Incoming Return To Splendour In The Grass This Weekend

splendour in the grass weather predictions

The annual pilgrimage to the Byron Bay region is back on this weekend after a two-year slumber which means we’re back in that familiar pre-festival planning territory. What do you pack for three days at Splendour In The Grass? How many pairs of undies do you need? How bloody cold is it gonna be when the sun dips below the hills? Well, we’ve done the digging for you so here’s a quick weather forecast for your Splendour weekender.

Here’s Your 2022 Splendour Weather Report


For those of us getting into town on Thursday, it’s gonna be wet. The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting a very high (I’m talking 95%) chance of showers around the Byron Bay area. It’s looking to be somewhere between five to 10mm of rain that will most likely hit in the afternoon and evening.

So if you’re headed to your Splendour campground to set up, maybe plan things to get there earlier in the day to get yourself sorted — and stock up on extra tarps to prop up over your tent for some extra protection. You can also lie a tarp under your tent for some extra moisture protection, too.

Once that sun dips the temperature is set to drop to a low of anywhere between eight and 12 degrees. Definitely pack some thermals and winter woollies so you’re nice and snuggly and warm. Maybe an extra blanket just to be safe.

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The wet continues on Friday with a predicted possible 20 to 30mm falling over the day. You could see it as a dampener for Day One of Splendour or a free festival shower — it depends on which way you wanna look at it.

The mercury is set to climb up to around 17 degrees so if the sun pokes its head out at all, it might be a pretty nice warm treat to dry off between rain. It’ll drop to around 10 degrees overnight though so use that cloakroom at the front gates to keep a warm (and dry) jacket ready for when that sun dips.

Absolutely pack boots or gumboots to stomp around in as well as a few pairs of socks because there’s nothing worse than soggy feet while you’re deep in the festy hoon.


Get ready for another day of living your best Gene Kelly because you’ll probably be singin’ in the rain again on Saturday. It’s gonna hit a top of 17 degrees again with a possible top of 25mm rain coming down to wash away the sins of the night before.

Saturday is also looking to be a bit windy so make sure you’ve got everything tied down tight at your campground and maybe reinforce your tent so you’re not having a soggy sleep.

A hot tip is to make sure you’re letting your tent air out as much as possible to stop that damp from getting inside. So I gotta stress: string up a tarp over your tent as a second layer of protection.


Rains are likely to ease a bit on the final day of Splendour In The Grass, though they won’t be gone completely. The BoM is predicting one to six millimetres of the wet stuff on Sunday which should give us a bit of a break to dry out and have a final boogie to see things out.

The “shower or two” prediction also means there should be some breaks in rain to pack down our campsites and get sorted for the trip home. Never fun doing that in the rain so get that done and dusted before you head out for the day.


If you’re staying out late Sunday and are planning to make the trip home on Monday, it looks like the rain will be easing even more at the start of next week.

With a maximum of 18 degrees (gorgeous!) and a prediction of up to three mil of rain, packing down and scooting off should be pretty painless.

So it looks like we’re in for a bit of a wet n’ wild weekend at Splendour In The Grass so fuck it, just lean in and embrace it. Don’t even have to get a three-park superpass to enjoy the ride.