Twitter Is Fuming Over Sniffer Dogs At GC Airport As Splendour In The Grass Kicked Off For 2022

splendour in the grass 2022 sniffer dog
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Ahead of the news that Day One of Splendour In The Grass 2022 is cancelled, a photo of passengers being asked to drop their bags for sniffer dogs at Gold Coast airport has been posted to Twitter.

“Never seen this before. Off the plane in GC for Splendour and police making everyone drop their bags for dogs,” the Tweet by Zara Seidler read. In the image, passengers can be seen lined up with their bags in front of them and AFP officers standing in front of them.

Multiple commenters have chimed in to say that this search isn’t isolated to Splendour timings and that they’ve experienced this when flying in the past. I’ve experienced it coming back from an international flight and other Twitter users from Tasmania have mentioned it’s commonplace at their airport — albeit for fruit.

Obviously the timing of the event is enough to make anyone think about the true reasoning behind the sniffer dogs’ presence. Twitter user @RinaFerris also commented: “I didn’t see any on arrival but they were there at the airport on the Monday morning as people left.” A similar situation happened back during Splendour In The Grass 2014 when a Jetstar crew member warned passengers returning from the festival of sniffer dogs waiting at Sydney airport.

Some Twitter users seem to think that the police may have been tipped off that one of the passengers was carrying something illegal.

Elsewhere throughout the comments section, there is general distaste for the “overpolicing” of drugs at music festivals. For the sake of reporting news accurately, I should also mention that some comments were in favour of the police’s presence for the festivalgoers.

Obviously our drug laws have been a huge area of concern for decades now and comparisons are consistently drawn from other countries to show how Australia could be doing better in this space. As Twitter user Jospeh O’Donoghue put it: “This is embarrassing.”