A Spanish man has been found guilty of carving up and eating his mother in 2019 in a Madrid murder court case full of shocking and brutal details. Maybe don’t read on if you’ve just eaten lunch.

Alberto Sanchez Gomez has been sentenced to 15 years for murder and 5 months for desecrating his mother’s corpse. According to Madrid Provincial Court statements, he murdered his mother after an argument and cut her up, eating her over the course of 15 days back in 2019.

gomez cannibal murder
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This earned him the nickname ‘the Cannibal of Las Ventas’ across local Madrid media outlets.

During his arrest back in 2019, police reportedly found remains of Gomez’s mother scattered across multiple Tupperware containers. Other parts of her body are said to have been found in the freezer as well as inside plastic bags found in the trash and within a pot in the house.

According to the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office, Gomez strangled his mother to death, and then proceeded to use a carpenter’s saw and two kitchen knives to carve up her corpse.

Gomez will also be required to pay €60,000 (AU$94,000) to his brother as some form of compensation for his actions.

Spanish publication El Pais published quotes from the officer who took statements from Gomez after the murder.

“He said that it was because she made his life impossible,” said the officer.

“We asked him if he had been with someone else in the apartment. And he confessed everything.”

“He said that he had attacked his mother from behind, and that he had dismembered her with a saw,” he continued.

“We entered the home to see if she needed help. In the second room, we found human remains; and in the kitchen, a pot containing others.”

Officers also confessed that upon entering the home and discovering the remains of his mother, Gomez was unnaturally calm.

“He was very calm, I didn’t see any emotion of any kind. He was very calm, very cold,” they said.

Back in April of this year, when the murder trial began, Gomez admitted to having heard voices that told him to murder his mother, as well as “hidden messages” within the television.

Folks, I will not be comfortable for the rest of the day.