Spanish Couple Surprised To Discover Buzzing In Their Walls Was 80,000 Bees

How many bees is an acceptable number of bees to have hiding in your wall? For me, a number doesn’t immediately spring to mind, having never really had to consider this question before. Two bees? Sure, why not. Five? Doesn’t sound so bad. 10 bees? Or 20? This is the point where I start to say: ‘Hey, hold on now.’

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80,000 bees is too many. I can tell you that unambiguously. If someone told me there was 80,000 bees in my wall, I would flip the fuck out. Literally. I would do a flip out the window to get the fuck out of there. This startling number of bees is the approximate figure given to CNN by a Spanish beekeeper who removed just a whole ton of the bastards from the wall of a home in Granada.

Sergio Guerrero told CNN that the couple in the house had been hearing a weird buzzing noise for quite a while, and decided to do something about it when it got so bad that they couldn’t sleep. No judgment here, but I feel like I maybe would have tried to address it well before that point, personally. Guerrero expressed similar surprise, suggesting that the hive that he found in their bedroom wall on May 12 must have been there for at least a few years.

The couple weren’t entirely unaware that they had a bee problem — having contacted emergency services throughout the years about the large number of bees around their house, to no avail — but were completely in the dark about the enormous hive that was growing in their bedroom wall.

The lesson here? If your house is buzzing and there are fuckin’ bees all over the place, please for the love of god get someone to check if they are living in your walls.