One of Melbourne’s biggest train stations was evacuated earlier tonight after reports surfaced of an alleged man carrying a gun.

Police were called to the scene just before 6pm on Saturday night, where trains were stopped and passengers were told to evacuate the area, 10 Daily reports.

“A search of the railway station was conducted, trains were stopped at some platforms and passengers moved away as a precaution,” police said in a statement.

Witnesses reported a heavy police presence, with authorities running around the station and commuters evacuating the premises with their hands up.

“All I saw was a lot of police running around, crowds of people with their hands up being evacuated from platforms,” An eyewitness told press. “There were no shots fired from what I heard, just a lot of police telling people to evacuate the platform”.

According to Victoria Police, a report was received that sighted a man at the station carrying a suspicious looking item covered in black fabric that appeared to look like a gun. However, no firearm was actually sighted.

“The area will continue to be patrolled but there is no perceived danger to the public and train services will resume as normal shortly,” police said.

A man was questioned by police and was assisting them with their investigation, but he has since been released.

Tonight’s ordeal took place just as massive crowds for White Night and the Boomers vs USA basket ball games flocked into the area.

Image: Twitter / @jmotion0