‘South Park’ Will Return For S20 Just In Time To Roast The US Election


Muddled-up animated show references aside, Comedy Central has revealed that the almighty South Park will return to TV screens later this year, and it’ll arrive just in time to farm some particularly fertile ground.
The twentieth season of the hugely beloved, highly influential, and critically acclaimed phenomenon will premiere on September 14th. Comedy Central’s parent company Viacom has committed to more or less renewing the show until creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker physically explode, with at least three seasons already ordered, which will see the show air through at least 2019.
In spruiking the announcement, network president Michele Ganeless reiterated how important the show is to the network.

“South Park remains the bedrock of Comedy Central and we are thrilled that new episodes will continue to entertain audiences for years to come. The series remains as urgent and relevant now as the day it premiered and at nearly 20 seasons in it continues to draw generations of new fans.”

Last season the show stepped away slightly from the show’s traditional structure to take a season-long stab at PC culture and the knuckleheads who both overtly support and oppose it.

But with a tiny little inconsequential event called the US Presidential Election happening to coincide with the new season, you’d imagine the show’s writing staff won’t exactly be bereft of material.
Who knows what that goddamned dastardly President of Canada will get up to this time…
Source: Uproxx.