South Aussies Are Sharing Hectic Vids Of Wild Thunderstorms & That Rain Is Heading East Next

Don’t let the deceptive sun fool you: Australia’s East Coast is about to be beset by thunderstorms. We’re getting pounded yet again, and if the footage out of South Australia is any indication of the rain’s severity, I’m shaking in my gumboots.

The Bureau of Meteorology currently has severe thunderstorm warnings for parts of NSW, Victoria and South Australia. Big yikes.

While the Saturday sun was bloody glorious, alas NSW’s weather is set to turn.

“Through Sunday and Monday we are prepping for a large amount of rainfall as a result of severe storms which are predicted to come through the state,” NSW SES assistant commissioner Nicole Hogan said per 9News.

Storms are also coming for Victoria, with people being warned to watch out for thunderstorm asthma in the coming days.

So far the worst weather has come for South Australia, with residents sharing truly cooked footage of wild, wooly scenes.

Sorry but what the fuck!

The state has also reported more than 100,000 lightning strikes, which is all very Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Around 80,000 homes lost power — and a number might not be getting their electricity back until Monday. Big, big yikes.

Some of the footage shows buildings and roads filled with water.

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Absolutely pouring one out (metaphorically) for my Adelaide besties. And all that rain is now moving eastwards. Great.

“I think the more severe thunderstorms [will be] most likely confined to our eastern districts and eastern states during Sunday, but still a chance of some further showers and isolated thunderstorms further west as well,” BoM senior forecaster Simon Timcke told the ABC.

If you needed any more reason to spend your hungover Sunday camped out inside: here you go.

NSW will likely be blasted and booted with rain, with Sky News meteorologist Alison Osborne describing it as “ferocious”.

“NSW is where the heaviest falls and the wildest storms will zone in,” she said.

Prepare for your social media feeds to be filled to the brim with more footage of biblical downpours. BRB, I’m going to get my washing in.