South Australia Plunges Into Strict Six-Day Coronavirus Shutdown With Huge Statewide Bans

south australia lockdown

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has today announced a number of strict new measures to combat the state’s COVID-19 outbreak, effective midnight tonight.

In a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, Marshall explained that South Australians will effectively be put on “pause” for six days in a strong attempt to stop the spread.

 As of midnight tonight we need our community to pause for six days. A series of wide ranging restrictions will be implemented to significantly reduce mobility in the community to stop the spread, to stamp out this virus,” he said. 

For starters, masks will be required for all areas outside of the home, bringing the state in line with Melbourne’s current guidelines.

In addition to a mask mandate, South Australia as we know it will essentially shut down, with all non-essential services closing for six days and residents being urged not to leave the house unless it’s for one of the four essential reasons.

People will be restricted from going out of their house for a 6-day period stopping the message as stay at home unless you are accessing essential services or you are an essential will not be permitted outside of the home for a 6-day period,” the SA police commissioner said in a press conference today. 

As of midnight tonight, the following things will be closed:

  • All schools and universities except for children of essential workers and vulnerable children.
  • Pubs, cafes, coffee shops and food courts – INCLUDING takeaway.
  • Elective surgery – with the exception of emergencies and cancer treatment.
  • Open inspections.
  • Outdoor sport.
  • Factories.
  • The construction industry.
  • Aged care and disability residential care will be closed to visitors and in a hard lockdown.

In addition to that, all funerals will be cancelled for the next six days, and regional travel is banned across the state.

“That is the list as it stands at this point but I’ve stressed we are still working on the final list in terms of what those restrictions will be and what will be allowed to operate and we will be updating further into the afternoon and evening is that list becomes available,” the police commissioner stressed.

Supermarkets and essential services such as post offices and financial services will remain open, but only for crucial needs.

Much like the Melbourne lockdown, South Australians will have to follow the rule of one person leaving the house for grocery shopping, per household per day.

More information to come, for health-related questions, please visit the SA Health website.