Sorry, NSW: Your Opal Fares Are Gonna Get A Lil’ Bump In July

I do not come bearing good news for the humble commuters of New South Wales. I come bringing bad news, terrible news indeed. Your Opal fares are gonna be bumped up in July.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance addressed the fare increase in response to what he called a “scare campaign” from Labor – clearly a very effective scare campaign, as like all other things NSW Labor does nobody heard about it.
“We have adjusted the fares in line with inflation because we want to continue to put as much downward pressure on the cost of living [as possible],” he said.
The fares will rise by 2.4 percent from July 3. The government rejected a proposal from the Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal that prices be raised by 4.2 percent on the basis that it was too steep for families. As an example of what this fare increase will look like, a peak hour train from Penrith to Town Hall will rise from $6.46 to $6.61.
Fares only account for around 20 percent of the cost the public transport network. The rest is subsidised through tax. Ah well. Save your pennies.