Sorry, everyone, but you’re about to get screwed by the Australia tax yet again, with word today that Apple is raising prices in the local version of the App Store, starting some time in the next 36 hours. 

In a statement published today on the iClarified blog, the tech giant blamed price hike on the falling Aussie dollar, which will affect apps, as well as auto-renewable in-app purchases. 

Apple has said that it will alert customers with automatic subscriptions to the changes via email, as the new prices start to take effect. 

Per a post on the 9To5 Mac blog, Apple has notified developers that the price increase is likely to be in the region of 15%, meaning that an app currently currently costing $1.29 will rise to around $1.49.

In their statement, Apple said:

Although we’re changing the prices for auto-renewable In-App Purchase subscriptions, we won’t interrupt them. We’ll send an email to your subscribers in Australia, Indonesia, and Sweden shortly before their existing subscription renews to let them know of the price increase. The email also includes a link to allow customers to turn their subscription off. 

In addition, we’re adding two new low-price tiers, Alternate Tier A and Alternate Tier B, for the Australian App Store. We’ll automatically update the prices for existing apps and In-App Purchases that already use the Alternate Tier A and Alternate Tier B price tiers.

If the Aussie dollar strengthens in subsequent months, Apple will of course respond by putting its prices back down, right …?

via iClarified / 9To5 Mac
Photo: Ken Ishi via Getty Images