Apple disappointed fanboys everywhere today when their announcement for the iPhone 5 failed to happen.

Instead, Mac-addicts will have to settle for the iPhone 4S, revealed by new CEO Tim Cook after Steve Jobs officially resigned a few months ago. Much like the iPhone 3’s successer, ‘3GS’, the model has some slight tweaks to the original (better processing, higher pixel rate on the camera) but looks and feels pretty much the same.


It’s not all bad news; what the iPhone 4S does have is the Siri feature, which kind of turns your phone into the ultimate robot capable of taking any voice command from messaging your boyfriend to checking the weather. Of course, Apple made a video for it, which neatly explains why it will change you life (again) to the sweet sounds of the late, great Ray Charles:

On the flipside, the good folk over at CNET Australia have compiled a handy list of reasons why you don’t want to shell out for this new/old thingamjig, which includes the following tech-spec fails:

– No new design
– No larger screen
– No 4G Internet
– No big leap in battery life

Critics have also pointed out that Apple get a lot of their parts from other companies to make their little wonder-mobiles, the most contentious of which is Samsung. They provide the chips, the RAM and other parts for Apple’s mobile devices, as per a long-term contract. But geek-news afficinados will know that Apple has been suing the pants off Samsung all across the world, including Australia, for copyright after alleging that they have been ripping off their designs for the iPad for their Galaxy tablets. That’s not a great way to pet the hand that feeds you.

Nonetheless, with Australia as one of the biggest consumers of Mac products per capita on Earth, we appreciate that some of you are likely already reading this on an iPhone 4S, straight out of the box. Good for you. Take a hi-res photo for us and we’ll put you in a montage or something.

via International Business Times AU