If you thought the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie character looked fucked up, you are simply not prepared for how atrocious the halloween costumes are.

We’re well and truly in the spooky season, and Halloween is just over two weeks away, so obviously it’s time to find your costume. But for the love of God, please do not dress up as Sonic The Hedgehog, I am begging you.

Ever since they released the artwork for the upcoming Sonic film, it has been a running joke because the official artwork looked awful. A fan even went viral for swapping out the artwork for his own re-imagined version.

sonic the hedgehog
Image: Twitter / @EdwardPun1

The backlash was so bad that the director has actually postponed the film’s release until they can make our beloved Sonic look a little less, well, fucked up.

But clearly Halloween costume manufacturers didn’t get the message, because these costumes are somehow even worse. And obviously, Twitter was quick to point out the most terrifying costumes.

First up we’ve got this rubber-looking mask that is absolutely going to give me nightmares for the rest of my life. I’ve never suffered from sleep paralysis, but I’m pretty certain this is what the demon looks like.

But then Walmart took it to a whole new level with a full-body costume that resembles the pre-redesign Sonic.

And in what I can only assume is a ‘Worst Sonic Costume’ competition, US costume store Party City also debuted their own version of the god-awful creation.

sonic costume
Make it stop.

I guess these costumes really take the “scary” part of the holiday to a whole new level. If anyone arrives at my house in a Sonic costume, I will boycott the entire holiday.

Honestly, at this point let’s just throw it all in the bin. Halloween? Cancelled. Sonic movie? Cancelled. Life? Cancelled.

There are so many costume possibilities for Halloween this year. Dress up as literally anything else. Mario and Luigi, Area 51 aliens, Stranger Things, the possibilities are endless.

So please, I’m begging you, do not wear a creepy Sonic costume on October 31st.

Image: Sonic The Hedgehog Film