Someone’s Made This Ridic Avo Real Estate Map ‘Cos The Joke Doesn’t Get Old

Who’da thunk that the humble avocado would come to represent everything wrong with a generation of young people: our hubris, our shallowness, our disinterest in forgoing delicious breakfasts for 400 years in order to afford a house deposit in one of the most hostile property markets on earth. 
When the insanely wealthy (and insanely oblivious) berk Tim Gurner appeared on 60 Minutes a week ago to condescendingly remind us that when he was but a whipper snapper with nothing in his pocket but a handful of dreams and a $34k inheritance, he wasn’t spending his money on $19 avo breakfasts – there’s no way he could have know the extent to which he’d be so thoroughly and globally roasted
And now, the feather in the cap of the gleeful, worldwide ‘cado-and-housing-market piss take: this incredible interactive map, courtesy Avocado Real Estate (who are not, as far as we can tell and v. disappointingly, actually a real agency – yet). 
Check it out: the incredible thoughtful people who developed the map have triangulated all the best places to grab an avo brekkie within spitting distance of Our Mate Timbo’s new off-the-plan developments in Melbourne, so you can have your house deposit and eat it, too. 
As they say, it’s an opportunity for you to “admire how close you could be living to your daily treat of avocado on sourdough. Don’t forget to conduct your search as you sip your $4 coffee.
Por que no los dos?
Source & image: Avocado Real Estate.