Someone’s Made A ‘Strayan Emoji Keyboard, But Ours Are Better TBH Aye

A company called OPPO have created an ‘Strayan emoji keyboard. FKN FINALLY, right?

We thought the same. Here’s a snippet of what it looks like:
But we have some concerns. 
First things first; it’s only available on Android. Like, ugh fine w/e, but there’s a bloody huge amount of Aussie iPhone users. (If you wanna download it on Google Play, you can HERE.)
And second, we’ve dunnit better, aye. Presenting, a sneak peek at PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s own emojis! We made ’em ourselves. Well, our brand new Manager of Memes, Carolyn Duchene, made ’em.
Look how great. Look at ’em!
Also to come: ‘Zooper Dooper Mouth Scars’, ‘Warnie With Durrie In Mouth‘, ‘Thongs Tan Line‘, ‘Tony Abbott Eating Onion‘, ‘Viennetta‘ and ‘Just Waiting For A Mate Bloke‘. This is just the beginning. Watch this space, yo. Suggestions welcome. 
Source: Herald Sun
Photo: OPPO / Herald Sun