Someone’s Made A $2.5K Pizza Topped With Gold & Other Rich People Stuff

 And today in “things the world never asked for and doesn’t want”, NYC restaurant Industry Kitchen has rustled up a pizza that’ll cost you a solid $2000 dollarydoos, simply because it is covered in literally everything expensive that possibly exists in the food world.
The old boy features white stilton cheese flown in from Ye Olde England, foie gras (gross) and truffles from France, caviar from the Caspian Sea, and – just to add a lil je ne sais quoi – 24k gold leaf from Ecuador
The creator of this ridiculously expensive pizza is Industry Kitchen Exec Chef Braulio Brunay says he was inspired by the big dogs over in the NYC Financial District, which is close to the restaurant. “It is the epitome of decadence,” he says. 10/10 can see a Jordan Belfort 2.0 type dropping the coin for it.
If you want a slice of this baby, it won’t just cost you either – you’ll have to lock it in 48 hours in advance. Gotta give those jets time to fly those international ingredients in, m8s.
Source: Town & Country.