Someone Photocopied The Fat Jew’s Entire Book And Posted It To Twitter

The Fat Jew is learning all about poetic justice right about now, after some smartass-legend who deserves a medal or at least a cold beer posted every page of his new book ‘Money Pizza Respect’ to Twitter.
Someone using an anonymous Twitter handle uploaded the scans over the course of four hours, and even provided a URL to a Google Docs PDF for easy downloading. 
It’s clearly intended as a big, fat, SUCK SHIT to Josh ‘TFJ’ Ostrovsky off the back of his building a social media empire on other peoples’ funnies, which a lot of people think really stinks because he didn’t a) come up with his own material and b) is making money off duplication. Oh, and c) doesn’t even credit the brains who did (although he is now).  
Can you imagine if everyone on the interweb downloaded it and posted it for free on Instagram and Tumblr and Twitter and Facebook with fun captions, and neglected to credit The Fat Jew for his words?
Via Twitter.