Someone Made An A+ Vid Of The Adelaide Food Court George Lucas Was In Today

Believe it or not, the man behind the Star Wars enterprise, Mr George Lucas himself was spotted in the David Jones food court in the Adelaide CBD, nonchalantly eating some cheap Singapore noodles. 
The state was alerted to the presence of the great force by this excellently-captioned tweet by Gabrielle Fusco:

Apparently George is in town because his investment fund manager wife Mellody Hobson is speaking at a conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre
While it seems as though no one recognised Lucas while he ate his lunch, it seems as though Rip It Up writer James McCann, was 10 minutes late to the party. 
Luckily for us, he decided to get video footage of the now-infamous food court, yelling to patrons ‘DID ANYONE SEE GEORGE LUCAS HE WAS HERE 10 MINUTES AGO’ and trying to interview the people who served the filmmaker his Hokkien noodles. The video, titled ‘A Food Court George Lucas Was In‘ is basically art, and should be put in a museum, if we don’t say so ourselves. 
Watch below: 
Oh, god bless you Adelaide. 
Source: Twitter / Youtube
Photo: Twitter.