Someone Has Ruined Nigel Farage’s Day By Tagging Him With A Milkshake

It’s not often that you’ll see Brexit charlatan Nigel Farage without a smug and absurdly British smile on his face, but it turns out that that can be removed with the simple application of a milkshake.

Farage was became bemilked after a protestor in the English city of Newcastle threw a milkshake at him, echoing similar acts of protest recently committed against far-right figure Stephen Yaxley-Lennon AKA Tommy Robinson. Last week, a McDonald’s in Edinburgh near where Farage was due to hold a rally was asked by police to stop serving milkshakes in the lead up to the event, prompting this response from Burger King Scotland:

According to reporter Sean Seddon, Farage immediately had a go at his security team for letting the milkshaking happen:

Farage was walked back to a waiting car to the sound of quite audible laughter from either a few witnesses or one witness who was having just the best time:

Farage, who probably should have been showering instead of tweeting, was clearly not happy about what went down:

As with the egg boy incident in Australia, there’s always a lot of moralising over hypotheticals where something like this happens and next time it’s something more injurious than a milkshake and, well, luckily we don’t have to deal with that this time, because it was just a milkshake.