Ah, Barb. Absolutely one of the more baffling characters to receive bulk fandom in recent memory. She was the unlikely hero of Stranger Things, beloved by people who immediately identified with joyless party pooper who has like only three lines.

Not like Nancy. Nancy is cool.
An enterprising mind on Reddit realised that Barb looks a helluva lot like their co-worker Barb. And yeah, it’s kinda uncanny.

Spooky as hell. “My coworker brought in her senior picture from the 80’s. Also her name is Barbra and goes by Barb,” the post bu jujuness read. “She’s a red headed older woman, super nice and, a great nurse! She said she was freaked out when watching the show, because she saw herself. I would be too!” 

Wild. This is a good excuse to rewatch Netflix‘s unbelievably great Stranger Things + Round the Twist mashup, too:
Source: Reddit.
Photo: Reddit.