If being drenched in blood while grinding to techno is something that specifically appeals to you, then you may have a serious problem be in luck – a club in Amsterdam has announced a plan to throw a ‘blood rave‘, which is exactly what it sounds like, on Halloween.

Mixmag report that the anonymous organisers of the event are looking to make the event as real as possible, meaning that they are looking to use real blood, rather than red food colouring and cornflour or whatever the hell passes for fake blood.

There’s no word on whether or no the blood is human (doubtful) or animal (which would make sense in so far as any of this makes sense), but the owners have reportedly designed a sprinkiler system to deliver thousands of gallons of it to the dancefloor.

I guess if you can score yourself a ticket to Amsterdam and don’t mind dealing with the possibility of blood-borne pathogens or general grossness, this could be your chance to relive the club scene from Blade or the prom from Carrie?

You can head to the event’s Facebook page for more details.

via Mixmag