Some US Pizza Hut Employees Spent Their NYE Shift Ripping Bulk Bongs

No one likes working on New Years’. Not a damned soul. But unfortunately it’s gotta be done, because human beings are a pesky lot that require a bunch of weird services like food and drinks at all times.

But hey, just because you copped the bum shift and have to while away the hours in some stuffy store whilst literally everyone you’ve ever met is outside partying their brains out, that’s no reason you can’t get loose as shit.
A bunch of Pizza Hut employees in the US had to spend New Years’ slingin’ ‘za. But rather than mope about and sulk all shift, they took the opportunity to get a little festive themselves by breaking out the ole’ porcelain whistle and ripping the ever-loving fuck out of some bongs.
Also they filmed themselves doing it, because it’s 2015/16 and if a cone gets punched in the woods and no one’s around to upload it, did you really get high?

Clock on, bong on.
Honestly, knowing that the people in charge of making my pizza are as high as a freaking kite really only makes me want to order from there even more, y’know?
It’s a peace of mind thing.
Source: Grub Street.