Some Lunatic From Adelaide Is Giving Away An Entire Fkn House On Gumtree

While most people with an unwanted house on their block of land would just bulldoze it flat and call it a day (or have a demolition party… just an idea), not so Sam Bridge from Adelaide.
The 40-year-old builder recently bought a bit of land with an old and inconvenient abode on it, but rather than knock the place down before he subdivides the block, he’s offering the house for free to anyone who can take it away.
No joke: it’s on Gumtree in the “free” section. The only catch is the new owner will have to organise the logistics. 
Speaking to the Advertiser, Bridge said:
“The house had to go, and usually in that case we would have a figure that we would have allowed to demolish the house, level the block and get it all cleared ready for subdivision.

“I was chatting to a friend and he said, ‘why don’t you just list it on Gumtree and someone might take it away for you?’”
Bless that friend. That is a good friend. 
He also said that moving the thing should be a doddle:

“With the way the roof is, it’s fairly easy to just cut it in half and transport it in two halves on a low-loader semi and then someone can set it up wherever they choose.”
Bridge reckons he’s saving somewhere in the vicinity of $7500 by flogging the house on the ole’ Tree. The ad describes the house as a “perfect shack for a scrub block, workman’s hut, or rural office,” and, well… it seems – pretty fine actually?
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Considering that a house described as having a “functional kitchen” is currently going in the Sydney ‘burbs for a million smackeroos, this place – with a kitchen that could use a spruce up, but which appears to be fully functional also – is a bloody steal.
There now, millennials, you see! The housing market’s not so bad! Worst comes to the worst, you can always rely on the generosity of strangers, and the ~$75,000 or so it actually costs to relocate an entire fucken house. 
Check mate.
Image: Gumtree.