Meme genius Ace Alderman has crafted a slice of pure gold with a video showing Malcolm Turnbull going in hard on, uh, Malcolm Turnbull over the upcoming double dissolution election.

Some Genius Stitched Up Turnbull Going Himself Over Double Dissolution

Stitched together from bits and pieces of footage, some very smooth superimposing and very probably actual witchcraft, the video shows a nonplussed, seated Turnbull on the receiving end of a brutal lambasting from a plussed, standing Turnbull. 

Bizarro-universe Turnbull accuses regular-universe Turnbull of using the double dissolution to run away from the mess the Government is currently in and to distract from the budget, which is some pretty cutting and accurate self-analysis.

Have a look and enjoy some of the small details, like getting two Malcolms (two too many if you ask me!) in the same frame and the outfit change between Universe A Julie Bishop and Universe B Julie Bishop:

Photo: Youtube.