We absolutely bloody love us some ‘Seinfeld,’ we do. So any opportunity to tie any sort of product in, no matter how tenuous the link, is absolutely welcomed.

And lo and behold, we now have an image of what should rightfully be any self-respecting ‘Seinfeld‘-fan’s dream shoe.

A New Jersey-based store is apparently about to drop an outrageously well put-together collaboration between Asics and clothing company Gore-Tex that harkens directly to George Costanza‘s incredibly winter-wear.

The Gore-Tex shoe quite clearly mimics colour scheme of the coat worn by George in ‘The Dinner Party.’ And if that alone wasn’t enough of a nod to the show, the store put a teaser photo of the shoe up showing Tom’s Restaurant in the background.

It’s GORE-TEX®… #ScaryCold

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No one’s gonna be mishandling the Penske file whilst rocking a pair of those bad boys, we tell ya.

As always, you can catch every episode of ‘Seinfeld‘ on demand by heading over to the good Stan.

Source: Uproxx.