Some Absolute Genius Has Strung An oBike Up Like E.T. In Melbourne

Make no mistake about it: The oBike scourge is an absolute pain in the ass that bafflingly appeared out of thin air one day to occupy the bulk of footpath space around Melbourne. But, with all things, crisis and opportunity are two sides of the same coin, and you should never underestimate people’s willingness to mercilessly mine a shit thing for art and jokes.

Melburnians have turned oBike disposal into a sport of sorts, with heaps currently resting at the bottom of the Yarra River, and others placed in decidedly inconvenient spots like “up a tree” or “on top of a bus shed.” But one in Fitzroy now absolutely takes the cake.

Keen eyed punters milling about the hip inner-city suburb have spotted a rogue oBike hovering in mid-air in a back-alley laneway off Brunswick Street, sporting a rogue young lad and his other-worldly mate as passengers.

Hell yes, that is an oBike, hauled into mid-air, and done up to look like the iconic bike riding scene from E.T. The Extra Terrestrial.

The bike has reportedly been rigged up in an alleyway behind 340 Brunswick St (where the T2 currently sits, for those playing along at home), near Kerr St.

It’s a hell of an impressive feat – not only to get the costuming bang on, but to absolutely nail the angle of the bike and to have it hold steady in mid-air like that.

You thought tossing one off the end of St Kilda Pier was the high water mark in oBike disposal? Hell no.

The game has changed. This is the new bar. Time to step it up, mates.