It’s the festive time of year, and everyone deserves to feel a little Christmas cheer. Even if it’s members of parliament that uh… let’s just say you don’t quite agree with.

But just because it’s the season of giving doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun.

And of all the joke gifts you could send to politicians (a printout of the dictionary definition of “meme” to Sam Dastyari, a box of rainbow Paddle Pops to Cory Bernardi, a sharpened set of steak knives to Tony Abbott, a donation to a homeless shelter on behalf of Malcolm Turnbull, or a medical model of a spine to Bill Shorten) this one just about takes the cake. Or bread, as it were.

Some absolute, stone cold, dyed-in-the-wool, clear frontrunner for Australian of the Year has decided to reach out and give Pauline Hanson a little seasons greetings, in the form of a personalised jar of Vegemite.

Personalised with the name “Halaal [sic]”.

Someone sent a jar of halal Vegemite to Pauline Hanson.

It is too perfect for words.

The real moral dilemma’s gonna come when her office pantry runs out of the stuff and suddenly she’s faced with having to eat the gag or deal with dry toast.

But whoever the absolute hero was that sent this along wasn’t done there.

In the spirit of Christmas, coming together, and bi-partisanship, they also sent one to Dastyari too.

Now there’s an olive branch of unity if ever I’ve seen one: No matter what we look like on the outside, we all gobble down the same salty brewer’s yeast spread.

In case you were wondering: Yes, Vegemite is halal certified.

Yummy yummy moral panic.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Twitter.