Being single in isolation is shit. I can vouch. You can eat edibles and fuck internet hotties over Zoom all you like but at the end of the day you are retreating alone to your cold and sheet-less mattress on the floor with a Guzman Y Gomez burrito you weren’t even hungry for (it was just free delivery for 5 mins), cry hugging/ humping a pillow to sleep while listening to a conspiracy theory podcast and being overwhelmed with sadness when you realise you have no one to discuss the theories with, and then the bottom juicy part of the burrito squirts all over your mattress when you bite it and it sooo wasn’t the type of squirting you were hoping for in your bed in 2020.

However, it seems there is only one thing shittier than being single during isolation, and that’s being in a relationship during isolation. Being in such close quarters with your #1 bae for months on end seems like a pretty good recipe for pissing each other off literally all the time. As a single person, this makes my jealous ass happy and settles my FOMO.

Instagram account The Social Distance Project (@the_socialdistanceproject) has been publishing submissions of couples’ drama during the time of COVID-19. No relationship drama stone remains unturned on this account. Its all here, from the shame of passing gas in front of your man to finalising divorces and everything in between. The Social Distance Project will defs make you feel better about your own situation whether you are single or boo’d up.

Dayummmmm baby

I LIVE for this shit.

The Social Distance Project was originally a Google doc started by Meg Zuckin. Anyone could view it for a donation of $1 with the money going to various food banks around America. After raising US $5,000, she turned it into an Instagram account, viewable by anyone. She is still taking donations at What a great cause, take my money!

I could have told you that one.

There is something for everyone to relate to. As well as couple drama, there is some great family drama, pet drama and sad single drama on there too.

Hope this helps.

Stay safe and sane xoxo.