So Many Dudes Want The Rose Gold iPhone, It’s Been Dubbed ‘Bros’ Gold’

We’re just gonna say it straight up: the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus colourway is PINK, not rose gold.

For reals, have you seen that thing in the sun? It’s pinker than a Victoria’s Secret store.
Anyway, in a clever ruse to comfort male buyers who may be uncomfortable talking down a phone that’s effeminate because ~pink is exclusively for girls~, Apple‘s running with “rose gold” as its official name – and apparently it’s worked, because there’s a whole lot of peen flocking to get in and around the pink rose gold device.
In a coup for reductive and antiquated gender norms, tech site Re/Code reckons so many dudes are buying up the colourway that tech nerds are reporting that it’s being referred to by insecure people as ‘bros’ gold’.

By who, you ask? At the very least, a San Francisco local by the name of Jack, who wanted the color so bad it was a deal breaker.
“I’m very pessimistic, I heard it’s sold out,” Jack told Re/Code as he was lined up for the phone on the weekend, when Apple sold a record 13 million worldwide. “I came here to give it a shot and I’m willing to walk away. Bros’ gold or bust.” 
P.TV called 5 Apple stores to ask if they had any ‘Bros’ gold’ iPhones left and they were very confused.
Probably because it’s 2015, people, and we don’t need to gender-alise technology. Or alcohol (shoutout to the wine industry’s rebrand of rosé as brosé to convince heterosexual men drinking blush-coloured vino isn’t emasculating.)
Now go enjoy your pink iPhone bois – promise your balls won’t drop off.
Via Re/Code.
Lead image via Getty/Chesnot.