So How ‘Bout That Bloody Storm Just Now, Hey Melbourne?

In case you haven’t been near social media in the past hour or so or don’t know anyone from there, it’s a bit fucken wet in Melbourne right now. No doubt about it, it is damp.

[jwplayer S3to8bgI]

The centre of the city bore the full brunt of a severe thunderstorm that rolled directly over the CBD and surrounding suburbs at about 4:20pm (nice) this afternoon, bringing thunder, lightning, and absolute bucketload of rain with it.

We’re not kidding, it absolutely pissed down for a solid 10 minutes or so.

The Bureau of Meteorology reported that some 15mm of rain fell in just 15 minutes in a torrential downpour that almost immediately caused low-level flooding on the city’s infamously flat roads.

The storm front came ahead of a cool change, which saw the air temperature in the CBD drop from 25.9 at 4pm to 17.4 just 30 minutes later.

The nasty-looking front lit up ye olde rain radar, coming in looking like a dang squeegee ready to wipe the city clean off the map.

Ah yep. Good.

From there, the apocalypse.

Cannot stress this enough folks: Bit wet out.

Unsurprisingly, the rain has hit the city where it hurts the most: Right in the public transport networks.

Tram lines have flooded on the 96 in Carlton North and Metro Trains is reporting delays on the Frankston, Cranbourne, and Pakenham lines due to flooding at South Yarra station. Delays are also being experienced on the Sunbury, Hurstbridge, Sandringham, Craigieburn… actually you know what? It’s probably just easier to list which lines AREN’T copping delays right now.

Alamein, Upfield, and Glen Waverley. That’s it.

Also Stony Point but that doesn’t really count.

Good day for ducks, at least.