Please Enjoy This Video Of A Bloke Jumping Onto A Snow-Covered Trampoline

It’s Friday, my mates. The blessed POETS day. The bloody pre-weekend. And while you’re all running out the clock before quittin’ time at work, allow us to gift unto you a magical gift that’ll fill the next couple of minutes with pure joy: this video of some Scottish bloke jumping onto a trampoline full of snow.

You might’ve heard from your UK mates that it’s snowing quite a bit over there at the moment. The whole region’s copped an absolute pizzling thanks to the winter weather system Storm Emma, which has blasted the region with arctic gusts and turned an entire corner of the globe into something you’re more likely to see in The Day After Tomorrow or someshit. It’s absolutely wild scenes over there at the moment.

Those people in the region lucky enough to not be hopeless trapped outside of the house have been making the best of the blizzard-like conditions, including all the bonnie wee lads and lassies up in Scotland.

One bloke in particular, known as Paddy K on the Twitters, took things to incredibly, deeply satisfying levels after noticing the snow had settled on his trampoline in a particularly picturesque way.

Look at that. So perfectly formed. So naturally pretty.



On it.

Christ ALIVE that’s satisfying to watch. He just carves straight through the dang thing like butter. The mound collapses like an overdone pavolva. Everything about it: Joy. Pure, pure joy.

See? The internet’s still capable of totally wholesome content occasionally.

Enjoy your weekend, sports fans.