We’ve teamed up with the The NESCAFE Team to show y’all how to relax and recharge and get through that daily grind. They’ve got a bunch of flavoured Nescafe sachets doing the ’rounds that’ll take you to another place, even if it’s short-lived. Check their website HERE and Facey HERE to find out more.

Once upon a time, commercial television introduced to us the term three thirtyitis.

Finally, we had an alternative expression for this awful symptom of life known previously as: the afternoon slump / the crash and burn / the demise of human efficiency. 

But with the new term did not come a cure. We all continued to suffer, to creatively burnout and to reassess our life choices without eventual action.

Today, friends, we say no more. Follow our below tips, and thank us later when you make it through to dinner relatively unscathed. 


Being stationary for hours on end can be really bloody comfy and perfectly suited to your lazy self, but that lack of action ain’t good for anyone.

Just by getting off your behind and moving, your bod is stimulated into action, oxygenated blood starts a’flowing and your mind awakens and refocuses. Try stretching your legs with a lil’ shimmy around the office, whether it’s around the block or just to the dunny. Either will do.

Snoring At Your Desk? Here’s How To Smash That 3pm Slump Like A Ledge


Music isn’t just for wanky first-date conversation starters, you know. In the same way that upbeat tunes get you in the mood at the gym or a night out, the right playlist can get you through that 3pm slump too by making you feel energised and lifting your spirits. It’s also known to reduce stress and anxiety which in turn makes room for productivity. 

Snoring At Your Desk? Here’s How To Smash That 3pm Slump Like A Ledge


Having a snack such as fruit is a great way to boost your energy (apples and pears are ideal as they have a lower GI than high-sugar alternatives like bananas, berries, mangoes and pineapple), as well as your eight glasses of water. Something as simple as dehydration could be making you feel fatigued.

You wouldn’t believe it, but chewing gum has also been linked to keeping y’all alert. 

If you’re a caffeine-lover you can get some of that into ya’ instead, but go the right way about it. Get some Nescafe sachets onto your desk (because it only needs boiling water) and you’re good to go with flavours like Mocha, Salted Caramel and more. Doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Snoring At Your Desk? Here’s How To Smash That 3pm Slump Like A Ledge


Nothing kicks you into gear like things that, for now, seem like they’re out of your reach. We’re talking frothy real estate, OTT salaries, lush prized possessions – heck, even watch an episode of KUWTK (and say it’s research) to daydream about a lifestyle you may, might, maybe one day have. It’ll weirdly motivate you to hustle away for a life reserved for the superficially dedicated. 

Snoring At Your Desk? Here’s How To Smash That 3pm Slump Like A Ledge


Get off the email chain and talk to someone that’ll give you that lil’ perk. Maybe it’s your mum who you forever want to please. Maybe it’s the person next to you who is so on-point they simply can’t go through the day without being told so. Maybe it’s a client who is just so chipper that there’s no way they won’t wake you up. It’s about breaking up the cycle and being kept on your toes to deliver some kind of articulate, non-slumpy response, yeah?

Snoring At Your Desk? Here’s How To Smash That 3pm Slump Like A Ledge

If you happen to be reading this piece at 3pm, then well done for being unproductive on your path to being productive.

Now get back to work or whatever it is y’all do with your time. 

Photo: Bad Teacher.