Kim Kardashian Drops Sneak Peek Of New Yeezy Slides & Snoop Dogg Thinks The Fuck Not

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Not everybody is a fan of Kanye West, or his cult-fave clothing brand Yeezy, especially not fellow rapper Snoop Dogg.

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On a recent photo of the new Yeezy kids slides on @theshaderoom, Snoop Dogg did what it says on the box and promptly threw some shade, according to XXL Mag.

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#PressPlay: #SnoopDogg stepped into #TheShadeRoom and said what he said ????????

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“She been getting dudes out of jail and now he gone sell jail slippers. W. T. F. None of my bidness,” he commented, reminding us that he types exactly how he speaks.

Snoop has never been shy about calling out Kanye West, with public criticism dating back to 2016 when he voiced his thoughts on Yeezy’s Jay-Z rant. But it doesn’t stop there, Snoop Dogg has also slammed West for his support of Donald Trump, and now he’s coming for his style. Ouch.

Considering Snoop has been in and out of jail since shortly after his high school graduation, I’m going to consider him a bonafide expert when it comes to “jail slippers”, so I think we should take his word on this one.

I don’t know what jail slides look like, but I’m convinced these shoes are the same clogs my grandmother used to wear around the house so she wouldn’t slip over in her bed socks.

But Snoop Doggy Dogg, real name Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., wasn’t the only one to call Kim and Kanye out on the horrendous shoes, with countless other comments referring to the shoes as “$2 prison slippers” or shoes that you can get for “free at the hospital.”

This isn’t the first time the Yeez’ has come under fire for his questionable fashion choices either, with his Yeezy Foam Runners getting absolutely roasted online last month for basically being overpriced Crocs.

Despite being quite the trendsetter, the Doggfather, now 47, is likely not Kanye’s target demographic when it comes to the Yeezy clothing line.