Sorry to make you want to piss tears, but here’s a very wholesome story about Otto, who now goes by the name of Sniffles, a senior puppo who deserves to live out his days in blissful peace and belly rubs.

Sniffles was picked up a while back and adopted in from Rabito Kontento (which translates to Happy Tails) by Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida, and after multiple surgeries to clean the him up from various stray dog fights in Puerto Rico, the sweet lad had to have his nose removed. He lost his snooter! The poor love!

(Sorry about this next pic, it has Otto/Sniffles when he was first found and had his nose removed.)

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– En Español, abajo en los comentarios – Thank you to all who have reached out to us concerned about our beloved Otto, now named #Sniffles. 9 months ago, we celebrated his adoption in Florida, we all were excited that our special little one had a home and a family. Sadly, what would’ve been our Christmas Eve, turned into a nightmare the second we knew Otto was rescued from a certain death. Immediately, we contacted his adoptee to see what happened, that's when they told us that he had escaped last Tuesday and that it wasn’t the first time it happened. Been how special Otto is, we made the decision that it was best for him to find a new home. Thankfully, Otto was rescued and taken in by a rescue organization in Florida, Poodle and Pooch Rescue. They didn’t know his background story, they thought it was a congenital deformity and articles of what they thought happen are going viral, but the truth is that he was victim of a horrible dog fight, leaving him with horrible bite wounds and without a nose. After various surgeries, veterinary care and thanks to your donations, he got better, he went to be a very happy dog. We have linked and joined with Poodle and Pooch Rescue to find him a home once again, a family, that can really take care of his special needs. At first, our plans were to bring him back to Puerto Rico, but the organization told us, they already have amazing applications for him, and the reality is, here in Puerto Rico, the chances of finding a home are slimmer. His condition will always be very different and will always require special attention. After meeting with the organization, we know he’s in good hands. We are going to be very close to the process, and they will inform us everything about him. We are glad to see he’s save and loved.

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After the rescue shelter’s team posted about Sniffles online, his story went a touch viral and the team were able to figure out more of his background.

The Floridan rescue shelter has since been absolutely swamped with people wanting to give sweet Sniffles a forever home, and so the shelter has asked that people now turn their adoption attention to Sniffles’ shelter friends who also need a family.

Oh he’s SUCH a GOOD BOY. Look at him, the precious lad whose lost his snooter.

You better believe I’d find a way to boop this sweet angel’s lack-of-snoot.

I know it’s hard to not want to immediately adopt this very good boy despite him being all the way over in the US, so if you’re real keen to give someone a fur-ever home, the RSPCA‘s Adopt-A-Pet is typically up to its eyeballs in animals needing a home after Christmas.

Image: Facebook / Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida