Drug Gang Orders Hit On Top Crime-Fighting Sniffer Dog In Colombia

A crime-fighting and hard-working sniffer dog by the name of Sombra (Shadow in English) is currently under protective care at Bogotá Airport in Colombia after a 200 million-peso (AUD $94,000) bounty was placed on her head.

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Per the BBC, intelligence sources believe the hit is directly linked to the Urabeños drug-trafficking group, also known as the Gulf Clan.

So why would one of the most powerful criminal organisation in Colombia want to assassinate a German shepherd? Well, over the past few years, six-year-old Sombra has sniffed out a huge amount of drugs including 5.3 tonnes of cocaine in her now former base, Turbo. 

And if the bounty is any indication, Sombra has cost Urabeños a lot of money.

According to reports, Turbo is a frequently used route for drug-traffickers because of its direct access to the sea. The drugs are reportedly transferred via speedboat or even the occasional submarine to the United States. 

Sombra’s efforts have lead to 245 arrests in her career, so far.

Obviously, Sombra isn’t great for the whole drug-trafficking business so the crims are willing to give the money to anyone who murders her.

With Turbo being the Urabeños’ main area of action, officials believe Sombra will be safer at the international airport. Extra police officers have also been tasked with the sniffer dog’s safety to escort the dog and her handler from place to place.

Urabeños’ boss man, Dairo Antonio Úsuga, is one of Colombia’s most wanted men. In 2012, the gang offered a monetary reward for anyone willing to kill a police officer after the death of their former gang leader.

As instructed by the Urabeños signed leaflets, AUD $577 would be given for every police officer killed. Even more money was promised if the police belonged to the counter-narcotics force.