Snap-Happy Astronaut Shoots Australian Bushfires From Space

Being an astronaut would be so cool. There’s that whole weightless thing, space food, and I image lift-off would totally dominate the Tower of Terror for sheer thrills. And what about that view! Canadian astronaut and budding photographer Commander Chris Hadfield has taken advantage of his prime perch shooting some amazing footage as he glides through space some 410 kilometers above the earth’s surface. Over the past few days Hadield was able to capture some dramatic shots of the bushfires that blazed across Australia.

And NASA released this satellite shot of Tasmania getting ravaged by the devastating blazes last week. 

For more awe inspiring earth shots, tweet chats with Commander Kirk, and all round up to date documentation of the (genuine) mad-capped antics on an international space station, check out Commander Hadfield Twitter. It’s pretty excellent.

Via Mashable
Pictures by Hadfield and NASA