Two Huge Snakes Came Crashing Through This Aussie Dude’s Roof Bc Nature Doesn’t Give A Shit

Can you imagine minding your own business, eating your morning Weet-Bix and suddenly two massive snakes come crashing through your roof??? Yeah, because that just happened to a retiree in Brisbane. Just cute Aussie tings right?

According to the Herald Sun, the two massive Coastal Carpet Pythons had been chilling in David Tait’s roof  before smashing a bloody hole in his roof. Tait had been out of the house for the night and when he came back and found the cheeky snakes: one in a bedroom, one in the living room.

Tait said he had occasionally seen snakes basking on his roof, but despite living around a lot of bush he’d “never seen snakes of that size.”

Even Steven Brown from Brisbane North Snake Catchers who captured the pesky reptiles, said that the snakes were “some of the biggest and fattest he’d seen.” On their Facebook page, Brisbane North Snake Catchers guessed that the two male snakes may have been fighting and that’s why they crashed through the ceiling.

The comments on the page alone are enough to make you crack up. There is nothing better than a middle-aged woman calling a snake “naughty”.

Damn, who would’ve thought there’d be bigger snakes than the people I went to high school with?