Action Hero Snakes Bust Through QLD Family’s Bedroom Roof To Continue Fight

Hell yeah, folks. It’s bloody SNAKE FIGHTING season. With the weather getting warmer and the moisture in the air picking up, Queensland’s population of snakes is suddenly getting unbelievably horny and in the mood to do precisely two things: biff, and bonk.

[jwplayer Noml1oK9]

And the first slithery brawl of the season has seen two large coastal carpet pythons roll through a suburban ceiling in Brisbane, burst through a bedroom vent, and tumble onto the floor where their ferocious battle continued.

Snake Catches Brisbane – an excellent resource for all things pertaining to the hissing tubes – captured the glorious 5-minute battle between two warring males in a Facebook Live broadcast on Sunday night.

Hell yeah, you no-legged bastards. Beat the living shit out of each other.

The snakes, so the story goes, were more than likely incredibly toey and vying for the affection of a nearby female, who was probably chilling up in the ceiling somewhere doing her own damned thing while these two slithering bitches sorted their shit out.

Each snake measured in at around 1.75metres long, and combined managed to make a hell of a mess in the spare room of the Kenmore Hills home, in Brisbane’s outer western suburbs.

The pair was subsequently captured safely after cooling off and were transported, together, to a safe location. Presumably so their eternal battle could continue, such was the evenly matched nature of the whole affair.

Some people are just destined to fight forever, after all.