A critter’s gotta get from A to B somehow, and bless ’em sometimes they’re simply not keen on using their own gift of movement to get the job done.

So what do you do then? Hitch a ride on human transport and wait for the screams to start piling in.

Commuters on a Sydney-bound train yesterday copped a strange fare evader in the form of a snake that appeared in one of the carriages.

Passengers on the train, yesterday’s 6:54pm service from Kiama to Central, were shocked and more than a wee surprised to see the tiny snake slithering across a luggage rack in one of the carriages.

Commuters alerted train officials to the presence of the snake as the train approached Wollongong, in what must’ve been a very awkward and weird press of the emergency intercom.

NSW TrainLink staff then organised for a snake handler to meet the train at Central station, moving all passengers out of the carriage and locking it for the remainder of the journey.

The snake, as it turns out, was a fairly harmless Children’s Python, which is a popular pet among reptile-keeping enthusiasts. How the animal came to be on the train by itself remains a complete mystery to staff.

Now whether or not the snake actually touched on, or if it slithered its way out of forking over the $4.15 fare (because it’s a children’s python, geddit?) is another question entirely.

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Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Photo: TrainsInfo/Twitter.