Slip N Slide + Flip Cup = OH MY GOD SO MUCH FUN

It might be cold as shit here at the moment, still stuck in the bowels of winter, but in the Northern Hemisphere it’s summer, which means kids are having fun and being innovative, which means y’all should be taking notes because the warm weather is only a few short months away.

Take, for example, this bunch of absolute rulers, who have taken the grand, time-honoured tradition that is Flip Cup and combined it with a goddamned Slip N Slide to quite possibly create THE FUNNEST LOOKING THING IN THE WORLD.
Holy crap. How has nobody else thought of this before? Humbly known as Slip N Flip, the game is a relay like it’s table anchored ancestor, but throws in the added HELL FUCK YEAH-ness of a slip n slide which the next person is allowed to tackle only after a cup has successfully been flipped.
It might be time head under the house and dust off the old Crocodile Mile, kids. There’s only 122 days till Summer.
Photo: Gourd Graphics via Facebook.